Thursday, September 25, 2014

What We've Ate....Lately

I've been slightly lame in my cooking dinner game as well. These are to my own standards, of course. No one has given me flack (well, maybe my husband...just a little though). He has been our primary chef for the summer. It's not that we aren't cooking, we're just not cooking new recipes. Every once in a while, I'd sprinkle in a new little something, and here they are:

Jake's sis Emma first made these for us, and we are suckers for carnitas. It makes a lot...we'll easily be eating off this for weeks (freeze the meet you don't use the first week!). We used them for stuffed peppers the other night and they were FAB!

I made these for my family before an OU game a few weeks ago and they were a huge hit. Anytime I make enchiladas, I use green sauce, no matter what. Red sauce is usually too much for me, not heat wise, I just think the taste is very strong. But, my mom was making green chicken enchiladas, so I was stuck. I came across several and the only reason I picked these was because they didn't look too saucy. Yup...I judged this recipe by it's picture! I'm sure no one EVER does that :) Anyways...these were excellent! The chicken broth totally made the difference, the red sauce wasn't too strong at all. I'm going to pre-dip my tortilla every time in the future, it made such a difference and they did not dry out. Shocker...PW does it again!

Then there were these guys.... The recipe was OK...a little too sweet. My main issue was: HOW THE HECK DO YOU CUT A PEACH IN HALF?? was a disaster! Jake and I both tried and all the peaches ended up shredded. Next time I have a craving for baked fruit I'm just going to use my baked apples recipe and try out different fruits. 

Have a great weekend!

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