Sunday, September 7, 2014

DIY Party Hats!

A few weeks ago I threw a surprise party for one of my besties Ashley. She turned a whopping 25 years old and seriously... no one deserves a fun party more than her!!

 Jake & me with Ashley & Kevin at our wedding.

Ash was one of my bridesmaids and an official superstar throughout my wedding process, I can't tell you enough of how lucky I am to have her as a friend!

I had several projects in mind for the party, one of them being party hats! I have too many Pinterest boards littered with fun DIY party decor that I seriously had to sit myself down and figure out what I could get accomplished in my time frame!

Party Hats for sure made the cut. There are some AMAZING hats out there, but I have a rule (more like my bank account has a rule) that I can only use craft stuff I have on hand, so I didn't go as elaborate as I probably would have normally. Check out these inspiring party hats:

Awesome right? Here is how I did ours:

Clearance Party Hats (I got 8 for 99 cents!) 
Scrapbook paper
Tissue paper
Extra craft supplies like poms
Hot glue gun

First I took a hat and took it apart and traced it on paper.

I did that 8 times for each hat I had. Then you cut them out glued them onto the hats. 

Next you take your extra craft supplies and go wild. They crazier the better in my book :) 

I did the same thing with noise makers. A surprise party REQUIRES noise makers! 

Another rule is that you have to put said party hats on your dogs... 

Kevin, Ashley & Phin! 

I'll share more this week about the rest of the details to the party! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! Boomer Sooner!

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