Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Dr. Who Terrarium

My friend Keith (you know...the great gift giver I've mentioned before) is a big Dr. Who fan. So, when his birthday came around I knew I wanted it to be Dr. Who themed. Never having watched the show myself, I went to Pinterest...what I lovingly refer to as "creative google" and typed in: Dr. Who gift ideas. This is what showed up...

I was sold immediately! The idea is from Blythe Ponytail Parades. She doesn't use real plants, and she makes her own tardis, which turned out way better than if I would have attempted it myself.

Here is a list of supplies you'll need:
tardis, or any other fun object you want to add!

If you are using real plants you will need to ventilate, so just keep that in mind when picking out your jar. When I went shopping for a jar, I saw the mason jar and thought it was perfect. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool, but you can't see the details like I would have liked.

First, you will clean out your jar and put rocks down at the bottom. Since I used real plants, I had to put to rocks at the bottom to help with drainage.

Then you are going to add the soil and your plants. I bought plants that were different heights so that it would create some depth.

My jar was too small for all three, so I planted my dad some aloe. He has the only green thumb in the family, so I'm not too worried about it's survival. I thought the middle succulent was so cool and creepy looking...I had to add it!

I then put a layer of rocks on top of the soil, and added in the tardis. I played around with the placement of everything and used a spoon to help move the soil and pack in down. Then I gave it a good watering and let it dry in the sun.

Instead of making my own tardis, I went to Hot Topic and bought a keychain. I had Jake take the chain off and we were good to go!

They sell these mason jar lids at Hobby Lobby and are PERFECT for letting the succulents breath. 

Jake thought this was so cool, so it looks like we'll be adding one in our home as well! Happy Birthday Keith...move to Oklahoma already! :)

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