Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ashley's Surprise Party

Now that I've shared with you my main DIY projects of Ashley's Surprise Party, I'll share with you the rest of the details that happened that night.

First off, the invites. I decided I would give Paperless Post a go. What an awesome site! I'll warn you is really easy to go haywire (the first time through I had racked up a bill of $70!) with all the different options; but they have a decent selection of free invites that are pretty nice. Here is what I sent out to everyone:

Aren't they cute? The e-vite concept has really stepped it up a notch! Forget the mass text of invites for future get togethers!

I really wanted this party to be all of her favorite things. Ashley doesn't like having to cut meat with a knife (hilarious) so Jake make kabobs...which turned out amazing. I filled the pinata with all of her favorite candies: kit kat, rolos, twix, gummy bears, swedish fish and sour patch kids. Ashley is also OBSESSED with popcorn. She has told me that there are many nights when that is her dinner! So I made a few different variations of popcorn mix. I did a Garlic Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn mix and a S'mores mix. I also made this White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake.

This was my first time using my white calligraphy ink...I was pretty pumped :) 

We also had a few people bring some desserts as well, which were all amazing. It was a very indulgent night!

My favorite part of the night was the sno cone machine!! You read right...a sno cone machine! We had decided a few weeks prior to rent one, and guys... that is a party game changer! thing ever! I need a sno cone machine very badly! It was such a fun addition to our party and was a huge hit!

That, along with some fun games made the night complete and Ashley's birthday celebration was a complete success! It was such a great night and always fun when a group of friends can just relax, eat a ton, catch up and play games that you haven't played since college!

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pk said...

Sorry we missed this, it looked like a freaking BLAST!

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