Thursday, February 3, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance (!!

Today, on our 3rd snow day Molly, Hil & I are breaking out the old DVR memories. Yes, we still have this summer's SYTYCD finale recorded. It was one of my favorite seasons, and Mo and I got to go on *TOUR* (as we loved to remind everyone)!! So I thought I'd share a few of our memories from one of the funnest trips ever!!

Due to Molly's school schedule, she couldn't miss school on Saturday and the concert was on a Friday night. So, we made the wise decision to go ahead a the concert in Kansas City, 6 hours away.... Insane, yes. But 100% worth it!! So Friday morning we got ready and headed to Kansas City! We even passed through mom's home town of Chanute, KS

We got there about 3 hours early and finished getting ready in the parking lot in our car! As we got about a block away, I realized I'd left my flip flops on and then we had to go back to the car to get my dressier shoes! As we were waiting (for 2 hours) for the show to start we took a plethora of pictures....

Yea, We were PUMPED to say the least! Then the show started.....Easily one of the coolest shows/concerts/anything I've ever been to!! Here are some of the pictures we got to take!

Ok, Ok...I went a LITTLE edit crazy.... :)

It was colorful, it was energetic, it was emotional, it was a blast! It's amazing how you yourself can get so involved, but not be on the stage! Here are a few of our excited post show pics....

....and then the camera died :) 

So, at the end of our DVRed finale, we made the exec decision to delete it. So, 6 months after, its gone. But we can't wait for next season! Only 5 more months!! 

I was also able to get a few videos....

Thanks for enjoying this with us! I highly recommend going to a SYTYCD concert!!

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