Saturday, February 12, 2011

Babysitting Bryson!

Well, Matt & Kort FINALLY trusted me to babysit Bry!! We had so much fun!! I will always take up a good excuse to watch animated kid movies. It was to full days full of Nemo, Meatballs (Cloudy with a Chance...), Despicable Me (no nickname for that yet) and Monkeys (which is Chipmunks). He is so much fun to hang with, he's at an age where he can tell you when he wants to eat and potty but still young enough to where I can tickle him and throw him around like crazy! Its also pretty funny the things he becomes obsessed with. Right now he's diggin' chairs. 

Bry waiving at everyone

The blue chair is from when Bry was born to about 6 months. Kortny says he loves it much more now. And then there is his pint size recliner. His thought process was great, he got it up there, positioned it perfect but couldn't get up high enough to sit down. :) haha

He was a happy camper when I put him up there. 

Little Zoe is Bry's buddy, whether she likes it or not!! Everywhere Zoe went, Bry would move his pillow closer to her. It was so cute!! 

Here is Bry playing in his room. When he wants to play in his room he will yell your name in the hopes you follow him in there. What I like to do is hide at the end of the hallway; so when he comes back to look for me I get to scare him. He's not quite old enough to remember that trick :)

Also, everyone say a little prayer for Zoe, she tore her little ACL and will have surgery on Valentines Day : (

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