Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Love a Good Snow Week

Well, as most of you know my boyfriend has been working is Louisiana since the Dec 27. Needless to say I miss him! Well, I was supposed to go and visit him this past week, but due to circumstances beyond our control I was unable to make it. What am I to do with a week off of work and snow in the forecast? :) WELL, I definitely made myself busy!!

It was a wonderful time to try out my Pioneer Woman Cookbook!! I highly recommend it, I really like when authors of cookbooks add pictures of their daily life, family and funny helps me a lot! Anyways, her Cinnamon Rolls were first on the trial and man, this woman knows what shes doing!! They were fabulous!! Molly helped me with this one and it got pretty interesting....and I of course captured a few pics for yall!

This recipe put out about 35 rolls!! We were giving them away like crazy!! 

Pioneer Woman said the "ooey gooier" the better....success!! This was Molly's roll and hers was 100 times better than mine....but its not about the looks, right?...RIGHT?

These are my disasters. At least they tasted well....

These are from her website.....lucky for my sisters and others around me I need to practice!!

After they were cooked....still not as pretty as hers, but all tasted wonderfully!! 

As for the icing....we had some say the least...

First off, I have never made coffee. If it weren't a disaster of a snow day outside, I would have just gone to 
7-11; but as I'm trying to broaden my horizons....I needed to make it on my own. The only reason we even have a coffee maker is for when my parents are in town. Two phone calls were made to my father. The first: just to ask how to turn it on....The second: why wasn't it doing anything??....Here's why....

You DO NOT put water in the pot, there is actually a *secret* compartment in the back where you put the water....WHO KNEW? Not me and Molly, that's for sure :)

Then there was the mixer fiasco... Here's the story...Molly was sitting on our counter and the mixer was in between her and the spatula. Well, I had the spatula and my new ceramic knife (my mom had gotten for Christmas) next to each other....well next thing I knew was a loud grinding noise and a lot of maple frosting on our walls. 

This is my broken CERAMIC knife....:(

The following is a quote from Molly "the butter confused me" haha, well, the broken ceramic pieces in the frosting was an actual blessing because I didn't realize how much butter I actually needed, as well as powdered sugar. So, i had used a little extra regular sugar and our I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (house staple) instead. The butter was not mixing and formed ting balls all throughout the icing; therefore confusing Molly :) fun times....we were on our way to the store in minutes. 

This was the final turnout of the icing (which tastes exactly like Maple Donuts...YUM)

I also made P.W.'s Chili. It was very good. As you read with the taco soup debate, I didn't add any beans....personally I'm fine with that, but I know that upon reading that cringes will be made!! It tasted wonderful. 

Chili drawback #1. I invited our great friends Kevin and Ashley over (love them)

for chili. Its a great cold weather and guys food. I was pumped to share my recipe. So, as I'm fixing it I'm going along, hoping the mass of this chili would some how get bigger. It wasn't and I was out of ground beef (I blame the state of emergency OK was in for Walmart being out)!! So I had to do what every hostess prays they will never have to do....I had to make THE phone call saying that we would have to have a chili rain check...there just wasn't enough chili for all 5 of us! 

Chili Drawback #2. Garlic. More specifically, Garlic Cloves. Note to self, everyone: buy minced garlic like a normal person. It definitely took the longest out of all the ingredients. I had no idea how to peel one, and once I thought I was down to the crushing part when there was actually another layer....I finally figured that part out, but I didn't chop them finely enough and parts of the chili was extremely strong!! 

I think Kev & Ash will be OK, I gave them a tin of the cinnamon rolls :)

Many other things were made and I must say that I have enjoyed cooking very much! It is a lot easier to do when I don't have to work, so I'll have to work out my schedule there. A major positive is that I do not crave eating out!! I would say that I used to go to Pei Wei once a week, but I have only eaten out twice since (according to my bank statement) January 19th!! So major positive there!!

GAME NIGHTS: We played many a games over the snowy days. Which, might I add, that I LOVE this weather. I love the cuddliness of it all...the soups....the people falling uncontrollably! :) haha

Phase 10, Chicken Foot, Taboo. All some of my faves!! One night when it was me, Hil and Mo we decided to game night it. They were arguing over which game to play and the deal was to play Chicken Foot, and everyone HAD to stay up and finish Phase 10 too. Never happened, 3AM rolled around and we didn't even finish Chicken Foot....oh well, another time :) But here are some of our pics and snacks for the night!
 Hil's Grilled Cheese

Our sweet Chicken Foot 

Snicker doodles and Chocolate Chip!

Cheese and pickles....Alright.

THE COLD: I had a wonderful snuggle partner when I stayed at John and Katie's one night!

Barkley, their lab!! He misses Jake almost as much as I do!!

Then there was the glammed up homeless girl. We made Hil walk to us because we didn't want to get stuck in the snow. So there she was, walking in the snow with her metallic jacket, laptop bag, back pack and purse toughing out the cold. It was hilarious! Molly and I enjoyed that a lot!!

At one point Molly and I both fell. Good times.... Here is a pic of our house before Jake's wonderful parents shoveled it! 

I Love The Snow :)

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