Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heeeyyyy Good Lookin'!!

Hillary and I did it. Conquered Fried Chicken! It was very tasty. Definitely a two person job and another Pioneer Woman recipe under my belt. 

Here is all the fun spices

Our make shift fryer

We couldn't remember if you can pour grease down the disposal, so we figured it would just be smarter to just dump it outside. Unfortunately it made the snow look pretty ugly!

Here is Hil with the finished product. So, that night we were posting our accomplishments on facebook and she made sure that I included her in it. But, when I saw her post NOTHING! Shocker. So, here I am announcing that Hillary Jo McGuire helped me make the fried chicken and she did the baked potatoes all by herself :) LOOVE YOU!

On a different note, I recently got a card in the mail. I love cards, there are so many great cards with inside jokes all over them, also homemade cards a amazing and a lot of fun to do! This is a card I got from my great friend Julian, he is such a sweet guy, and he knows me so well!

Here are some of my sewing projects that I've done lately. Hopefully in the future I won't need Emma watching over me and helping me stop and start. All though I do appreciate the company :)

They say that the way to tell you are a good seamstress is to look on the inside of your project, and if its clean and looks like the shape you did on the front, you are doing well. MAYBE I'll be there one day.... 

This is what its SUPPOSED to look like on the inside :) haha

This is for my friend Chirsti. (She doesn't know it yet, its a late birthday gift and I'm posting this on the chance she won't be looking at the blog). She is a huge Red Sox fan and I was pretty stoked to make this for her!

This is for my friend Heather's baby to come, Scarlett Rose! I love bird designs!! 

More craft stuff to come soon! 

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