Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Zoe

ZOE IS GOOONNNNNEEEEEE :( Mo, Hil and I are extremely sad!! It was a good two weeks, and Kortny said we could watch her again soon. She was just such a good sleeping buddy! Before she left however, I got a video of her "sit and spin" and A LOT MORE pictures! So.....ENJOY!!!

I think these are pretty funny pics/videos. I constantly kept my phone with me becasue she would do the spin thing so quickly and be done before I could do anything about it. So, these are the best ones that I got. Sandie, I heard you were hating on my blogs about Zoe, so luckily for you, this is the last for awhile (or until the next time we keep her).

I'll be blogging and posting pics about Carrie Underwood concert and SYTYCD Tour soon!! Thanks for Keeping Up With The Kardash.....uh, ME!!!!

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