Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Blooms Part 1

Man, who else is just OBSESSED with flowers? I used to think that they were way overrated, you  know....back in the "baby's breath & red roses" were all you ever saw phase. But there has certainly been a wave of just beyond beautiful blooms (guys, that's a 3 pointer in Scatagories!) for not only weddings, but for the every day! If you follow me on Pinterest and you can just see how obsessed I am about Blooms.

I'll be sharing in Part 2 of this post (which can be found here) about how we came to the decision of DIYing our wedding blooms vs going with a professional and all of my feelings on that....BUT.... let me first state that flowers are beyond Valentine's Day...beyond weddings....and beyond what your hubby sends you as an "I'm Sorry".

Every time I see flowers, I personally feel refreshed and excited. They are just too dang pretty not to feel that way! There is a quote that I've always enjoyed by Audrey Hepburn...

I realize I 'm not talking about gardens here, but I think a lot can be said about plants. They do show a sign of hope and beauty. Traditionally, the reason brides even carry a bouquet was to symbolize fertility.

Here are some of my favorite updated uses for flowers...

They breathe new life into photo shoots....I don't know about you...but I CAN'T GET ENOUGH of floral crowns!
Photo by Ashley Sawtelle & Floral Crown by Bare Root Flora

I'm LOVING the idea of a Flower Bar. I first saw the idea on my friend's blog Rekindled Rentals when they styled this beauty.

Photo by my personal favorite photographer (ok,'s because she was my wedding photographer....but after seeing this pic can you blame me?) Caroline Rentzel and Blooms from Poppy Lane Designs.

There are places like Dutch in OKC that have Flowers To Go that you need to take advantage of! These are not your grocery store flowers, people!

I finally had the chance to go by there a few weeks ago and picked me up some of my own blooms!

Please excuse my terrible iphone photo that isn't giving the flowers their true worth.

Then there are all those gorgeous bouquets we're seeing all over the place: and in my opinion, the bigger the bouquet the better. The bigger the bloom, the better the mom? The bigger the bouquet, the closer to God? Oh, those are taken? Well, I'll figure one out later.

Photography by Sarah Falugo and Bouquet by The Blue Carrot. This is obviously an extreme floral arrangement, but I'm digging it!

In Part 2 of this post, I'll share with you our reasons and process of DIYing our wedding flowers!

Happy Hump Day Ya'll!


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