Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Faves: Week 1

In order to hold myself more responsible to my blog, I'm going to to start a Friday Faves Series. We all know how wonderful I did on my 300 New Recipes in 1 Year wish me luck on this one! :)

So this time I going to try not to limit myself to a certain number, or a certain category. Just a day dedicated to my favorite things from people, to food, to colors and beyond.

#1. The Everygirl Career Profiles

This one kind of combines two favorites: the Career Profiles and Oh Joy! I first stumbled upon their career profiles when I was stalking Joy of after I delightfully stumbled upon her new party & entertainment line for Target.

I mean, are you kidding me? Stalk worthy if I say so myself!!

Anyways, back to the career profiles....The Everygirl sits down with all sorts of women, whether they are designers like Joy, entrepreneurs, lawyers, small business owners, bloggers and even an Army Captain. They talk about how they got to where they are today, their daily struggles and asks their advice on the readers behalf.

It takes a lot of will power to turn my phone off at night and not to continue reading the next profile. I will finish them all one day though. If you are wanting, no, needing a new role model in a career or personal stance, you might want to take a gander!

#2. Workshops + Classes + Conferences.

 In my latest blog scouring adventures, I have seen so many workshops and classes being offered all over the world for just about everything you can think of! Those who know me know that I am/was NOT a school kind of gal. In high school, I was kind of a trouble maker/just kept talking...and talking kind of student. And in college....well, lets not rehash those days.....not until those debts have been paid.

A few years ago, my mom and I went to a workshop on how to refinish furniture by Allison of Refunk My Junk. It was so much fun! I made connections, friends and was taught the tricks of the trade! I was hooked. I love learning different ways that I can enhance my creative outlet.

Recently, I've stumbled upon The Influence Network. SO MUCH HAPPENING IN ONE SITE!! I seriously don't know where to start... I won't go into detail about everything they offer, but it is a such an awesome place! They are truly there to influence everyone....bloggers, moms, business woman, Christ followers, and everywhere in between. They offer conferences and classes. I have gone to two classes (hosted online, for $10) and they were really neat. They have offered classes for publishing books, on blogging, on how to get "unstuck", on being a mom, and so so much more!

My friend Taryn & I have signed up for a calligraphy class, taught by Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye, hosted by Chirps and Cheers in Edmond.

I bought this one for myself as an early birthday gift. FYI: when you're married, apparently buying a gift for yourself and a gift from your husband are the "same thing" when they come from the same bank account...according to Jake anyways. LAME! I tried to Dave Ramsey the situation and convince him that it came out of my personal budget, but it was a rouse...and I was caught. That's worth it! :) I can't even tell you how excited I am for! April 6 can't get here soon enough!!

Things I'm wanting to learn, or take classes on in the future:
  • photoshop
  • photography (for the sake of better blog photos!)
  • sewing

#3. The Bobby Bones Show

Now that I have a job that requires me to be there at the same time everyday, I am more on a schedule. Including my radio. I listen to them every single morning. The Bobby Bones Show is really funny...they are just a bunch of friends who sit around and make fun of each other on the radio. Bobby is hilariously honest, a no BSer.

Every morning they have a segment where each person has to bring good news. It's an uplifting start to my day. It's what I look forward to every morning!

#4. Art Prints

I've bought way too many for my future gallery wall...ya know....the one that hasn't happened yet :)

Here are some of my faves from my fave shops:

from Scout Mob

from Lindsay Letters

from Shannon Kirsten

from SS Print Shop

and finally...

from Evelyn Henson

Well that covers it for my first installment of my Friday Faves!

See ya next week, if not before!


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