Thursday, January 16, 2014

MIA No More

OK, I get that I’ve been MIA, and I’m sorry…kind of. Now that life has come to a slight slowdown, I’ll be able to share more of myself with you! Guys, I seriously can’t wait to share with you every single detail of our wedding, our marriage and our home!! So let’s start…
First off I’m now officially a Stewart! Hence the blog name change. I will miss being a McGuire, and let’s get real, it’s not like that is something that is mistaken by anyone who is familiar with the McGuire clan…I’m still loud and obnoxious and cuss occasionally. But I full on embrace my new name. I’m in love with being married… (Did you know when you get married you get to see that person every day? Not just a few times a week? Um, hello! Why hadn’t anyone informed us of this first?)
Jake and I have been busy settling into our new home, and our new life. It has been so much fun! We’ve started new shows…SCANDAL (OMG!) We’ve fought over dishes, bank accounts, my decorating choices, thermostats and sleeping habits (apparently I move…a lot) and we have recently relived our favorite day ever! Yes, we got our wedding pictures back! Lots of giggling, laughing, crying and finger pointing went on and we just had the best time.
Our photographer is Caroline Rentzel of Caroline Rentzel Photography. She did such a wonderful job capturing our perfect day and putting on paper what we had dreamed of.
I’ll share more about Caroline, our other fabulous vendors and about our DIY’s in the future!

I’ll leave you with this picture, just a little glimpse of the complete and utter joy we felt that day!


Kallie Ybarra said...

Woo Hoo! Glad your back to bloggin~!!

Mal said...

Thanks Kallie! I enjoy reading your stuff as well! I'm glad you guys are doing well!

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