Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The BIG 10,000!!

Well guys, this past week I accomplished something HUGE. Well, maybe not huge....its a little more like: hmmm....what does she do with her time? Or does she have a job? How does her phone still have charge? No...not Candy Crush. Pinterest! I, Mallory McGuire (soon to be Stewart), have PINNED 10,000 PINS!!!

I of course had to take screen shots of this momentous occasion! Don't Pin? Know how excited you get when your car reaches 9,999 miles...and then turns to the 10,000 mile mark? Don't you want to be on some exciting vacation when driving that one mile? I sure would!

That's exactly how I treated my 10,000th Pin! You ready for this.... 

Don't be shocked by the time stamp. We've already established that I've replaced sleeping with Pinterest. I had to make sure that I pinned something awesome. Well, let's get real, everything I Pin is awesome ;) But I wanted it to be something that I love...that is current in my life right now. 

Here is the pretty pretty living room I chose. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to live in mine and Jake's first home. I can't wait to decorate it, over decorate, choose wrong paint colors, too big of furniture, make Jake cringe at some of my decorating choices, making myself cringe at some of my decorating choices. And so on. 

My point is that I realize that my home will never look like the one above. And when it does I'm sure we'll have a baby soon after and then it will NEVER look like it! 

Some of the things I LOVE about this set up is: 

1. The focal wallpaper. LOVE! I love that wallpaper is back. I'm sure it will be "out" tomorrow, but I'm glad its back today. I want a wallpaper wall so bad! 

2. Animal hide rugs. I fell in love with one at market a few years ago, and haven't gotten it out of my mind. It has gold and silver splatter paint marks all over. I think it is the perfect combination of Jake and mine's style mash-up.

3. The plant. I have always like indoor plants. Not your momma's fake plants. Real ones. Whether it is a centerpiece of garden hydrangeas or succulents or a tree like the one here. 

Thanks for those of you who follow me on Pinterest. I have a lot of fun looking through other people's pins and seeing what we do and don't have in common! 

I hope ya'll enjoy my Pinterest page as well! 

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