Friday, January 24, 2014

Favorite Shopping Sites

Happy Happy Friday! 

Lately I have been doing a little internet shopping. This is nothing new, and is something I blame (or we co-blame each other) my sister in law, Kortny on. When I first moved to Oklahoma, I lived with her and my brother. If you ask Matt, all I spent my money on was Old Navy and Taco Bell. Old Navy is true, but a girl goes to Taco Bell once and he hasn’t forgotten it! There were some really fun (and funny) memories I have from living in that house with them, but one of them is definitely of me and Kortny sitting side by side online shopping together. 

Matt, Kortny, Bryson and me at my wedding.

I have moved on from ON and are now concentrated on my new home! I might also add, that I am a tad wiser with money than I was 7 years ago. Each month, we have chosen a little project for something I want to add to our décor. This month is window treatments for our living room (which I’ll post about later!).
As much online shopping as I do, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you! Now, keep in mind that we are newly married and are not exactly rolling in the dough. So, these are my favorite sites that offer cheaper alternatives. One day I might be able to shop at the pricier places for some staples, (Horchow & Restoration Hardware, I’m talking to you!) but that time is not now!

Let me know if you have any gems worth sharing as well!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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