Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meal Planning Round 'Uno'

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In order to help settle into Newlywed life easier, I have taken on the task of meal planning. We are lucky that we both enjoy cooking, so this isn't necessarily an undesirable task for us. But Jake we ran into a little hitch after our first round. Jake asked if I could alter a few things... Here are the links to the recipes I made for us the first 2 weeks:

The carnitas were great, and made a ton! We froze some, and then made MANY meals with the meat. Hard and soft tacos, nachos, etc. The left overs also made this:

We enjoyed all of these recipes very much (Chicken Enchilada Skillet is a repeat, and we love it! I am not a fan of red enchilada sauce so I ALWAYS replace it with green enchilada sauce) and I recommend them all. 

Anyways, apparently Jake isn't 'OK' with having Mexican food for 2 weeks in a row. Weird, I know! Growing up in West Texas, having Mexican food (whether it be (in no particular order) Rosa's, Ben's Little Mexico, JumBurrito, Taco Villa, Jorge's, Saucedo's, Garibaldy's, Ajuua's or any home cooked meal a friend's parents made...ok I'll stop now, before I convince Jake that we need to move!) for breakfast, lunch and dinner was not uncommon.

We are currently in our second round of meals, and I'm happy to announce that I none of the meals we are making are Mexican. No worries, I'll slowly incorporate them back in during round three ;) I'll share with you those meals and or reviews of them later! 

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