Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is it JUST me??

          A few weeks ago {part of my very busy month of May} we had a scrapbook night. It was my first "designated" scrap night, so I was pretty pumped. Cricut set and loaded, snacks in cute and decorative bowls {I'm no animal!} and 2 tables set up for all of us to spread out and do our thang!! 
         Well....I don't know if you want to call it crafter's block, ADD or {Welp, That's just MAL} but I just sit there. I have my pics organized, paper picked and even my computer opened to {kevinandamanda.com} scrapbook site AND a layout cheater book. Nothing. My big problem is getting started, I don't know why. With any other project whether its deco our painting I can jump in willy nilly, but scrapping just gets me. 
         During the scrap night I would continually just go over my pictures, or I would make up excuses to show off the Cricut, etc... Mel {my table partner} would get pretty aggravated with me also :/ 
         When I first noticed it, I was working on my recipe book. It was because there are so many different options I have to choose from. Did I want to make one in a regular album {or} a "make your own" style album {or} on cute little recipe cards in a recipe box for my kitchen? Did I want to group them by dessert {or} just do all of them in one lump sum {or} have them alphabetized? So, I decided that I would just hold off until I got more recipes and pondered a bit more on it. If you have any "focusing" ideas to share, I'd be more than happy to take your criticism!!

There were however some successful ones done that night!!
Taryn did hers about her trip to Disney World with her familia! Such a cute page! Unfortunately, this was the only pic I got; but Mel was working on her trip to Rome and Annie was whipping out pages like crazy! {They should rub their productivity off on me next time!!}

I've whipped out a few more projects! 
This is a cross I made for a girl through my {bookie} Kevin :)
It's a 3 layer cross and I am in love with it! Can't wait to make more {and one for myself of course!}

This is a letter I did for a girl in our Bible Study who is getting married!! I LOVE the red and black together!!

Thanks for following and loving my crafts!! You should order one!! :)

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