Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I, Mallory, PROMISE to never not blog for this long ever again!!

Sorry guys, I've been super busy!!! In the best way possible! And if I haven't been running, running, running, I've stalking YOUR blogs!! Quit making them so addicting!! WHEW! 

Well, May was a wonderfully crazy month! First, Thunder. Man, I have never been a true basketball fan, but man they played hard!! Next year we are going ALL THE WAY!! 

Second, there were some CRAZY storms!!
Zoe dog was pretty scared!! It was sad, there were only the thunderstorms with monsoon rain. Classic OK weather

And then there was the tornado scare! It didn't come as close to our house as it did last year, but were we ever prepared!!

Oh, were you wondering? Yes, this is 7, SEVEN people in my bathroom plus a dog. Stuffed under my mattress. It was madness! Thankfully we were safe though! Prayers and thoughts out to those less fortunate!!

And we watched Hil run her 2nd half marathon, in the rain!!

Then we watched Hil Graduate!!

Some fam friends came down, The Graves and The Coombes!

2 days after her graduation she found out she made it into Occupational Therapy school!! Whoop Whoop!!

Mother's Day....nothing really happened there, I would just like to show off the card I made on my CRICUT!

Many more of the crafty things I've been working on are to come, plus the details of my latest trip to Ft Worth and my work with Shabby Soul!!

Oh, I almost forgot.....Congrats to Kevin and Ashley on getting engaged!! They are our best "couple friends" and can't wait until we can be best "married friends" :) haha

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