Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Week Fabulosity!!

I had a wonderful 24th Birthday!! It was cram packed with friends, family, food and lots of crafting!!! I LOVED IT!! 

First off, we had Zoe for the week, which is always great. She is recovering from having ACL surgery on her leg and so we've had to be kind of strict with her (I'm SURE she is missing out on all of the running she normally does, haha). 

I my second batch of cinnamon rolls for the week (Happy Birthday to myself) and they tasted just as great as the last batch, but they were way more appealing the the eye, BONUS!! 

Look at these compared to the ones below, major cosmetic difference!! WooHoo!!

Zoe loves helping out in the kitchen, its like we have our very own catfish!!

And on a personal note....I finished off my first bag of flour!! How exciting!

I also had the wonderful opportunity of babysitting Bryson, overnight at that!! Our night was mostly filled with watching Nemo on repeat.
He is obsessed with footballs and we spent a good amount of time spinning the ball which is "spin it" and throwing it up in the air which is "SKY SKY"
Sleeping situation was very very interesting. For a 2 year old Bryson is a very unpleasant sleep buddy. He kicks and hogs the bed big time!! Well, along with Bryson, I had 3 other house guests for a few days; so when Bryson woke up at 5am crying, so did my house full of guests :/

All in all it was a good time watching him! We went to lunch at Freebirds and he was digging feeding himself.

Christi and I also took him to a scrapbook store. That was a very interesting time. We ended up having to take turns shopping. Lesson learned to only go to places with carts!! Bry also enjoyed showing off his new tattoo!!

He also got me the cutest card for my birthday...
How he spells my name...

My nephew is such a cutie!!

Jake was also in town for a couple days!! He, Keith and Kyle (Odessa guests) became quick buds. While Christi and I scrapped they had fun with my birthday present from Jake!
I can now watch Instant Netflix and surf youtube and hulu on the tv!! Very excited for that!!

Here a are few of the other gifts and notable cards!!

My gift to myself... :)

This doozie is from my "parents" (really just my mom because a few days later I got an envelope in the mail with a blank, white piece of paper that said "Happy Bday Mal, Love Father" with some cash....classic). How appropriate. My mom is always giving me some of the coolest cookbooks too!

I'm excited!! The first one we tried was called Cape Cod Punch
It was very yummy!

I also (and always!!) get cooking supplies...

My bestie Jordan had her mom send my her gift....
I'm excited to wear it to many baseball games this summer!! Her mother works at a dentist office and this is very much like her.....
Thanks Big Carol!!!

The day would never be complete without a bull dog card! Thanks Emma!

Jake's parents Ralph and Lisa got me one of the best gifts ever....H-Lobb gift card!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

And now on to the actual Birthday Party!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! I love that my birthday is on St Patty's Day. I feel like everyone is already in a good mood. We went to Coach's in Bricktown and had dinner and drinks. It was great times. Here are the pics of the night.....

Katie and I 
     Keith and I
Emma and I doing the "Mal" pose 

Me and everyone who traveled from OD!
 Christi and I 
Christi and her BF Kyle
       Me and Bry Cheesin!
 Bry loves giving kisses!
Doing the "Meatball" Kiss
  Best Nephew EVER!!
Dillon, Julie and I  
     I love being John and Katie's 3rd Wheel!! 
Best Sisters EVER!!!  
        Sisters (and sis n law) with BRY!!! 

       Molly, John Paul and I                          

 Molly and I 
      We both felt it was our "good side"
Her hair is full of SECRETS!
        Me and Hil Pil!!
    I loves my boyfriend!!
Our ex-American Idol Contestant waiter sang me Happy Birthday!!!

I have wonderful friends and thanks for everyone who came out!!!!


Lindsey Diffendaffer said...

looks like quite the birthday! love all your presents! and your toms are awesome. you're just cute.

Mal said...

Thanks!!! I love your spare room! Very CUTE!!!

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