Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cookbook by ME

My newest project to date is I'm making a cookbook!! Those who know me will be shocked, because lets get real, I don't cook. I know, but I have been baking more lately now, especially that I unhinged (slightly over dramatic) the pumpkin roll recipe from my mother's hands. Plus for Christmas my mom got me 4 cook books and a lot of cooking supplies!! Including a KitchenAid mixer!!

So, with the holidays around I've been popping out pumpkin rolls like their hott!! But every time I go to make it, I've lost my copy of the recipe!! So, it got my reels turning and I'm going to create my own Cookbook. Nothing originally mine (..yet!), but just a cute scrapbook piece that I can keep adding to well into my life as a wife (someday) and a mother. 

I chose a simple scrapbook from H.Lobbs of course

Now being the person that I am, I will go all out with this thing, so I'm very excited about getting my scrapbook on!! After thinking it through a little I decided that I'm going to use Picnik to write and print out my recipes. The one I've got down so far is Banana Pudding

So, tell me what ya think!! Or if you'd like to help me add to my collection!! Thanks guys!!

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