Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tea Party Baby Shower

Guys, this is hands down the cutest baby shower I have ever been a part of. Our friend Megan and her baby Abby were well celebrated in a tea party themed shower. Along with myself and our friend Ashley, Megan's mom and sister were the hostesses. This family knows how to throw a party. Megan's sister Katie was super organized which is always helpful when trying to plan these things. Katie and their mom pulled out all of the stops to make Megan's special day beautiful! The shower was at Megan's house, and man are we lucky that she has a fantastically decorated home! You'll see what I mean when you see her KILLER plate wall in her dining room! It was a beautiful day and I'll let the pictures tell you the rest.

All of the wonderful people who came to celebrate!

The momma-to-be and the hostesses!

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