Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wedding Invitation Suite: Save the Dates

One of my favorite things in the whole world is paper....thank you notes, stationary, planners, letterpress, gold foil, birthday cards, scrapbooks and especially invitations! I'm pretty sure that is mostly what my Insta feed is filled with.

 I truly believe that an invitation sets the scene for your guests as to what they should expect from your wedding. I spent HOURS online searching and looking and pricing different invitations from countless resources. I ended up using several different sources for my Invitation Suite, from Etsy and a talented friend.

After adding up everything (design, printing & postage), I still came out cheaper than if I went with one of the (swoon worthy) more expensive sites (ie, Minted or Wedding Paper Divas).

In this Invitation Suite series, I'll talk about what I chose, how much it cost, what I would change (both cost and design) and compare to what I would have gone with at one of the fancier sites.

First, I'll be tackling Save the Dates.


 front (picture by Julian Mancha Photography)

Envelopes, created on Vistaprint

These were designed by my friend Keith, who I have previously bragged about great of a gift giver he is, and this Dr Who Terrarium I made him. I told him the wording I liked and the design we were looking for and he brought these back! He's awesome. The wording was from a Save the Date I saw on Minted. Hilarious. I really wanted to set a fun tone for our wedding, and what better way then this super cute saying?


Design: Keith technically did these for us for free, but we compensated him a little for his work. So, with what we paid him, plus printing* and postage, we paid $181.88.
Design - $33
*Printing + Envelopes - $33.88
Postage -  $115

Postage is insane. Seriously. I mulled around using a site like Paperlesspost for all my invitation needs, but in the long run its hard to beat good ol postage - it's just expensive as all get out! This would be an easy cost cutting area though.

*We bought a few groupons for Vistaprint that we used. At the end of this series, I'll do a total cost break down and what coupons we used.

Our Save the Dates were perfect. I seriously wouldn't change a thing about them! If I were to choose a different one, it would for sure have gold foil. Like this one from Wedding Paper Divas.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for invitations, save the dates, Christmas cards, etc. is to try not to focus too much on the picture that is in the sample. Although, I'm pretty sure if I were to use this card I would recreate the picture used. I mean...Edison light bulbs in a tree? Are you kidding?!? Nothing could be more perfect. Anyways, I'll find myself drawn to a design (or worse, deterred from a design) because of the picture used. You have to remember that it will be your picture in the space, making the card yours, and perfect. 

On a budget? Wedding Chicks (ya know...that awesome site that featured OUR WEDDING?) offers a ton of freebies! These save the dates are adorable. Hello, watercolor!

That way you would only be out for printing and postage. I do want to learn how to print my own invitations and still have them look professional. I just need to break down and buy a really nice day. 

That's a wrap for our Save the Dates! Next I'll do a breakdown on our main invitation. 

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