Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pioneer Woman's Cobbler

Raise your hand if you are obsessed with carbs. {ME} 

Raise your hand if you love cobbler {ME} 

Raise your hand if you require dessert after every meal {I think you're catching on....}

Well, this may be the easiest, fruitiest, sugariest{?} dessert ever! This recipe is of course from my cooking idol Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman. I saw it on her show last Saturday. {Which if you don't watch you are missing the second best thing to happen to fall Saturdays....Behind OU football, of course!} 

I can't stress enough at how easy this recipe is. Here is the direct link to the recipe on her blog: PW Cobbler.

On her blog, Ree discusses the different kinds of cobbler. Pie Crusty, Cake-like or biscuit. This scrumptious version is cake-like. I don't think I've ever had "cake-like" cobbler before, and I must say that it just very well be my fave!  

This recipe requires minimal ingredients. When I only have to pick up fruit from the store it is a good recipe!!

1 stick of melted butter, plus a little more
1 cup of sugar, plus a little extra
1 cup of Self-Rising flour
1 cup of milk
2 cups of fruit {I used frozen, mixed berries, but she uses blackberries...whatever tickles your fancy}

First, you melt the butter in the microwave

In a separate dish, mix flour and sugar and then whisk in the milk. Mix pretty well, until most of the lumps are out.

Then add in the butter with a whisk. 

In your baking dish, use extra butter to butter the dish, Ree makes sure to mention the more the better {Hey, I only follow rules!} 

Pour mix into bowl and then add the fruit. Take 1/4 cup of more sugar and sprinkle it on top of the cobbler {this makes it a little crispier on top}. Cook this at 350 for 1 hour. 

 Check out that sugar!!
 Final product!! PW's obviously looks better, but mine tasted JUST FINE!! :)
 Serve with ice cream {DUH!!}

Its so easy, and you just pop it in before you eat dinner and voila!! 

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