Saturday, July 23, 2011

Antiquing Girl's Weekend!!

This past weekend I went to Arkansas to visit True Treasures with my friends Ashley and Laura. We stayed at Ashley's Grandma's Dairy Farm! Cows were everywhere!! :) It was a lot of fun. Between antiquing and going to the safari we had a wonderful girl's weekend!! Here's a few pics of the weekend.....

These are the picture frames, window and mirror I got. I am beyond excited about all the big plans I have for them!! Check out the awesome detail on the blue one!!

This is my new "work/craft" chair. I have plans to revamp it....paint the wood, and reupholster it....which I have NEVER attempted!! But, my friend Lindsey did it and blogged about it {Diffendwelling} and therefore, I wanted to take the challenge also!! So, I will be hunting for the most FABULOUS fabrics!! Can't wait! 

So, we drove in Ashley's SUV and I realized I drove my mustang to her apartment. OBVIOUSLY none of these things would fit, so I had to have Jake come and haul it off for me.... I know that I am my mother's daughter because I was scared about his reaction, and did not divulge FULLY what all I had bought.... So we thought it would be funny if Jake showed up to how I am in the picture. Haha, it was pretty funny, Ash and Laura especially enjoyed it :)

Before we came home on Sunday, we went on a SAFARI (yes, in Arkansas!) It was really cool how all of the animals just walked right up to the car! FEARLESS!! It was a lot of fun. And who knew that every animal likes bread. :)
Jake told me that these deer were native to Florida, and keep their spots. Yup, I'm dating that guy... We are SSOOO different!! :)

The white buffalo were so Fluffy and cute!! I'm adding it to the list of things I want to hug (bears are really the only other far!)

I accidentally scared this guy :( But then I won him back with some bread! Zebras are awesome!

OK, I absolutely LOVE pigs! I think they are adorable!! This were such cute little piglets. I WILL own one someday, and it will be awesome! These guys were hanging around the buffalo and {longhorn /m\} 

Then we got to play with the monkeys! They adored Laura. This one kept crawling through her shirt and at one point DEFINITELY popped her bra!!!

Me with a piggy!!

With Ash's favorite!! KANGAROOS!!

Antiquing AND seeing cute little animals: AWESOME girl's weekend!! 

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Lindsey Diffendaffer said...

Mal! I can't even wait to see your chair. I'm sure it will be AMAZING!!! You're so crafty! Oh, and I love your letters!

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