Monday, November 7, 2011

My Go With Shabby Soul

Well, the past few weeks have been wonderfully crazy! I was able to go down to Aledo, TX for an internship with Shabby Soul. Shabby Soul is made up of two wonderful girls, Brittany and Kasie. I had a blast working with them for 3 days while they were working on a project for Nieman Marcus. It consisted of 5 mannequins that they needed to cover completely with Nieman Marcus magazine clippings. It was a lot of hard work and sticky fingers!! 

Here are a few pictures of the progress we made while I was with them.... ENJOY!!

This is the undressed man-nequin. Doesn't he look amazing? This is not the hair that went on him, we just really enjoy the Bieber look.

This is GLAM!! She is probably my favorite!! We finished her in one, yes ONE DAY!! 

These are the remaining 3 girls: 944, Christmas and InCircle. (All named after Nieman Marcus magazines)

Glam's FAB bling!! Brittany did such a great job!!

Christmas is amazing with the red and white contrast!!

And the crazy 944!! Definitely the wild one of the bunch :) Her skirt is my absolute favorite!! Its made of nothing but necklaces!!

At this point in the process I had to go back home to Oklahoma :(  But I had so much fun with Brittany and Kasie and learned A LOT!! They were so nice for letting me come and join them and I can't wait until I get to go back and help with the other side of their business, interior design and faux finishing furniture! Everyone should check out their website:

Here are the rest of the pictures from the photo shoot!

All 5 of the mannequins!!

Christmas!! She is so chic!!

944 and the lone boy!! 

Christmas' accessories, isn't her bra studding amazing?!?!

Glam! So elegant :) You'll never look at blue the same way again!!

InCircle (aka Green) Cute Dress!

Glam closer up, I love the layering of the necklaces!

Don't you want some sweet suspenders like him? So hot!


Green and Glam!

Did they not turn out amazing?!?! It was so much fun getting to do this!! Thanks again to Kasie and Brittany for taking me under their wing! They are both so talented and I can't wait to go back!! Please take a look at their site or Facebook page: Shabby Soul's Facebook page or! Also, did you not love all that amazing jewelry and studded bras?? It was all done by Gypsy Soule, some good friends of Shabby Soul! Here is their site:

Thank you so much for reading and I love you all :)

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